Humanity Deserves Nothing! Poem by kyle turner

Humanity Deserves Nothing!

Pretty girl, deep sea explorer.
The secrets she keeps, are inside a bottle;
and as she sleeps, her and that bottle
go for the ride of their lives.

Her message is urgent
so she catches the southern current
and follows it to the ocean floor.
She travels in a submarine
made of bubbles, so she doesn‘t miss a thing;
and as she paddles
her mind unravels
while into the shadows she dives.
Further and further our girl explorer goes,
and as she does the waters become alive
in a world she hardly knows.
Surrounded by spiraling luminescent life forms
who have come to greet her,
she is enthralled by their colors;
they’re enthralled by her beauty.
has become the mystery
within this unusual scenery.
They lead her through lost cities
and populations unknown;
free from trouble
through the ancient rubble
and up to the gates of a castle
made from pebbles and shells.
With hermit crab watchmen
and nymph knights riding seahorses
the fortress is well guarded;
but why must they guard
something no one knows exists.
She is taken to meet the Queen of the Seas;
as beautiful as she,
like a reflection in a mirror
which neither can believe.
She passes along her message
with the quickness and ease
of a girl with no worries, and no gills,
who is rapidly running out of air.
She is off in a moments notice
returning towards the sunlight’s glow;
away from the darkness our explorer is lead
and as she leaves her message read,
by the curious eyes of our Queen below.

“I only come to say hello
and when I’ll return, I do not know.
With my words, a smile and a kiss,
a red rose, and a cure for cancer.
I’ve come to ask you
please grant me this wish,
we don’t deserve this answer
so keep it here, amongst the fish.”

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