kyle turner Poems

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I Sleep When Awake, I’m Awake When I Sleep.

Iced dreams weigh heavy
on my heart;
and while I sleep my demons die,
but when I wake the echoes cry.

Don’t Touch The Roses, They’re Poisonous You Fool.

Sad yet sexy shivers
from a little lady on the street corner,
named Wendy.
She’s as breezy as last week

H1 ’n Then Some

My swiss bank account
is loaded with four dollars
and a million pounds of cheese.
In order to maintain this status

Sunday Is Gloomy.

The disappearance of miss Emilie Devine
Weighed heavy on our broken minds.
She slipped into the punch bowl
And blew a kiss to our troubled souls.

Humanity Deserves Nothing!

Pretty girl, deep sea explorer.
The secrets she keeps, are inside a bottle;
and as she sleeps, her and that bottle
go for the ride of their lives.

Cherubs With Bowties Shoot Fancier Arrows

A hipster lion bangs his mane
As a hippopotamus plays violent guitar riffs,
While iced out iguanas send sexts to the lady lizards


There’s a storm inside my head
which is impossible to prove,
so I hired a scientist
to deconstruct my thoughts.


Once upon a midday tea
a conversation broke loose
and grew out of hand, and into our laps.
The flowing blue sky

Diggin In The Scene With A Gangsta Lean.

This rolex hasn’t worked
since I cut it from that lawyer’s hand,
but it’s not about time;
it’s about the glimmering ice.

I Am A Glorious Barbarian With A Golden Touch.

Rescue this dull heartache
from the inclement whether,
I’ve designed a bullet proof bird bath
for it to rest in.