Rachel Mary Jane Arnold

Humanity Haze - Poem by Rachel Mary Jane Arnold

The word ‘human’ may be simple but there is more to it than being just one word
Issues are complicated, put you in a real haze and form many questions in one’s mind
‘What defines us as a human? ’ What must a human do to bring out their true colours?
What is a ‘hidden human? ’; ‘why do some have a different perspective to life than others? ’ and ‘how long will finding an answer to all these questions take to find? ’

These issues are puzzling and humans are assorted jigsaw puzzle pieces themselves
What causes a human’s different perspective to life is a different creation of the soul;
They are caterpillars that become butterflies; they start off dull but eventually evolve,
And because of their different formation the jigsaw puzzle of life takes longer to solve
They are the pieces that are tricky but not unable to ‘fit in’ to make the picture whole

What it means to be human is to be unique and an individual but not an island
The thing that creates us as a human, and the nature we possess, is a soul,
For a human to succeed in life as well as confidence you also need influence,
We are rivers that follow their own path that end up together into a confluence,
We finally intermingle with the sea; we seek each other until we unite as a whole

What truly defines the human we are is not the formation of the soul but our decisions
along with the courage, patience and determination that goes with making them;
the decisions we make on how we want to be as a human and the future we lead
the skills we naturally possess and activities we take up that will help us to succeed
and the various new paths we cross and see where they lead us to when taking them

You will discover who you truly are if you stick to the decisions that you make
and you don’t give up on the journey you set out on to seek your aspirations
At the end of the journey you will discover yourself and your own special powers
and also find that what truly enhances the world are not real plants or flowers
But the things which are invented in and brought to life from our imaginations!

Every now and then the air comes and carries our petals and pollen to different places
and all the shells that we are that come from the ocean are washed up on the shore;
We first end up growing in one place and then taken to another, as if having a re-birth,
our special possessions are finally discovered by other humans all across the earth,
You can’t find one true definition to the word ‘human’; you can only discover more.

Topic(s) of this poem: humanity, insight, life

Form: Dramatic Monologue

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I think really the poem's title gives away the story, and so do the verses. I used metaphors and similies to show how it's tricky to define what it means to be human, and also how we need each other.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 3, 2015

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