Rachel Mary Jane Arnold

Loki The Norse Trickster God - Poem by Rachel Mary Jane Arnold

Oh, Asgard’s a land of the origin Norse
It is ruled by powerful gods, well, of course
But one has revenge as his favourite game
He’s known as a trickster and Loki’s his name.

Odin took him in with his son, Thor the Thunderer
Whatever for? We will forever wonder!
Perhaps from pity his parents had gone
Well, it turns out the three of them do get along.

Thor, Loki and Odin have merry a time
When they went on adventures out of Jotunheim
Drank wine and sat down to fantastical feasts
Fought wizards and all kinds of mythical beasts.

Although Loki and Thor share much fun and laughter
It’s Thor’s hammer Mjolnir that Loki is after
So upon its handle Loki placed a curse
He forged it too short, well, it could have been worse.

His nature is like that of a leprechaun’s
What with all his magic, his mischief and cons
He knows how to charm many pretty maids young
With his striking looks, his humour and his tongue.

With the ice huntress Skadi, Loki’s humour comes
When he tethered the beard of a goat to his plums!
Even the ice huntress found that comical
To have made her laugh was quite a miracle.

Loki was a jotun, he could shift his shape
Like a secret weapon it helped him escape
And travel so swiftly and without a care
By fire, by water, by land and by air.

He changed into an eagle and took to his flight
Upon seeing his children he saw his own plight
He changed into a salmon and got caught in a net
That was a bit daft but you’ve seen nothing yet.

He once also appeared in the form of a mare
That is how he got Sleipnir, he’s the mother, I swear!
It is hard to believe but that’s what has been said
We don’t always know what goes on in his head!

Of all monstrous creatures Loki is the master
His tricks do solve problems but cause more disaster
He parented children of unusual breeds
And played all the gods with his mischievous deeds.

Our Loki is clever and quick and sharp-eyed
So certainly someone to have by your side
When encountering trolls and other monsters as such
He defeats them by his words, presence or touch.

Loki’s fair of face and he took many lovers
And whilst he is obviously not like the others
He knows exactly how to turn on the charm
To his own reputation he does the real harm.

With Loki’s great powers he is one to recruit
So Odin had hired him to steal Idun’s fruit
He stole Freyja’s necklace and cut Sif’s gold hair
And even made Hoder kill Balder the Fair.

With Balder’s death happening with little warning
His wife soon ordered all Asgard into mourning
All weeping may help bring him back from the dead
That Loki! Not one single tear did he shed.

Poor Loki looks like he’s at last at a loss
When he’s captured and bound like Jesus on the cross
There’s only his wife to remain by his side
You’ve had your fun, Loki, now swallow your pride.

Loki is watched over by a venomous snake
They are his most-loathed creatures, it kept him awake
It strikes every time his wife empties the bowl
The poison soon upon Loki takes its toll.

Loki wonders what he has done to deserve this
And plots to send Asgard to a fiery furnace
He won’t stop until he’s made fools of us all
And the whole land of Asgard will crumble and fall.

Though Loki was born in a land that was frozen
And it was the hard path to take that he had chosen
Whilst he may not have a heart that’s made of gold
As he makes people laugh is he truly ice-cold?

Whilst trick you, exhaust you and tease you he shall
Not one single moment with Loki is dull
Despite his behaviour, now this may sound strange
I wouldn’t want our dear Loki to change.

It’s clear that our Loki stands out of the crowd
He’s striking, he’s sneaky, he’s sly and he’s proud
With so many stories of Loki to tell
Can we really say we can know him too well?

He’s a lovable rogue, he is cheeky and reckless
Loki’s many things and he’s leaving me breathless!
He’ll always roam free and cause chaos galore
And that is why Loki’s the one we adore.

Although Loki comes to other gods’ assistance
When it comes to rules he questions their existence
He may be mischievous and his life a mess
But we must remember he is a god none-the-less.

Although the gods managed to capture and bind him
Loki still exists, in our world you can find him
He lives in our hearts, in our minds, in our soul
Without him in our life there would be a big hole.

Unlike other gods you see he does exist
He’s constantly with us and right in our midst
In our modern world he’ll forever remain
As his stories are told again and again.

Loki you are different and a god who is stoic
But with all your skills you are also heroic
It seems that you rule the world we live in now
Your mission’s accomplished you may take your bow.

Topic(s) of this poem: humorous, insight, mythology, observation

Form: Ballad

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The story of this poem is of the Norse Trickster God Loki, who was seen as an outcast to his world in Asgard as he was very different to the other Norse Gods. After reading the book 'The Gospel of Loki' along with several articles on Loki, I thought I'd portray Loki's character via a poem. The way I have written this one is also in the form of a folk song.

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