Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

Humility - Poem by Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

Humility sets a person apart,
A class item in an ordinary mart,
Indeed a virtue to see and admire,
Among ordinary flames an ethereal fire.

A virtue that shines through like gold,
A virtue that we must in ourselves mould,
Rare indeed is the person, who has it,
High indeed in greatness he does sit.

The King of qualities indeed is Humility,
Really high indeed is its place in divinity,
To higher level will one certainly rise,
To him everyone will be especially nice.

Only great people have this great quality,
Blessed is he, who has this in huge quantity,
One may have a mountain-full of great skills,
But only if there is Humility the mountain fills.

Humility is indeed a great and rare virtue,
Which to greatness and legend does beckon you,
Each day, thousands of people live and die,
But people who have humility are those who fly.

Humility, the greatest attitude known to man,
Developing it everybody surely can,
The attitude of everybody who is great,
Like cream in milk is their divine fate.

The attitude of great Mahatma Gandhi,
What can it be but utter humility?
Developing humility for all is must,
Then only can one gain another's trust.

People are great only through this,
People are condemned if this they miss,
Those who have this aplenty are blessed,
And they will be remembered as the best.

A virtue that signifies greatness,
Showed only by the best,
A virtue deserving of admiration,
It consists of not showing derision.

Only the great have this quality,
They are characterized by unshaken serenity,
They are respected by all,
From their high pedestal they will never fall.

A virtue that all respect is humility,
It inspires a feeling of fraternity,
Because a humble person is disliked by none,
Goodwill in all directions to him does come.

Humility consists of respect and affection,
Without one's class being taken into consideration,
Truly and unfortunately hard it indeed is,
To find a person who has and shows this.

A person with humility will always fly,
Because strings of class do not him below tie,
He will forever rise and never fall,
As his name is written in nature's greatness hall.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 5, 2012

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