muhammed medhat

I - Poem by muhammed medhat

i've endured much storms and thunder
the lighting of all man kind
when will i see the sky i wonder
life's been so tough on my mind

it all starts with a question
why am i here in this world
to worship to seek my redemption?
a question that no one had heard

some people just followed and lived
while others kept trying in vain
trying to answer this question i did
but never did they reach their aim

they all died and were forgot
winner or loser it's the same
some lived happy while others did not
some had success and others had shame
but who will i be among these?
a rough life shall i have or shall i live with ease

i've endured much i still say
much that i deserve some fun
while others may stare at me and say:
you've done nothing to what i've done
so much weakness i've got they claim
and of myself they want me ashame

are they wrong or else wise?
or maybe they're enemies in disguise
friendship is a word we use to blend in
a word to make us happy yet scarce
to people we somehow might win
but also could turn our life worse

i don't seem to know what's going around
this picture of life i fail to see through
for my wounds are deeply profound
and weeping on something i'm not due

weeping on my pride that has gone
my dreams that have faded away
for losing a battle i often have won
drove my dreams far and made me stay

but no..long as i'm standing up still
long as my head's up high
i'll fight back..yes i will
no matter how weak am i

Muhammed medhat

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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