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I leave all my troubles behind
and seek a place to clear my mind

to forget the pain deep in my heart

alone i was in a desert clouded by sand
lingering tired and thirsty was i
when you invited me to your wonderland
and gave me a sip when time was nigh

just because you think that you're pretty
just because your friends think you're hot
you go showing off across the city
with something that no one else has got

I love the way you order me..i love the way you shout
the way you teach me life..when i seem to fool about

Why am i the one to suffer in my sleep?
why am i the one you make so cheap?

is it a sin to want you beside?

i dont need to justify my ways
you dont need to justify yours
but further as we go through days
i hope we'd never show remorse

I remember the days we had before
the days each morning i found u beside
when life offers much we ask for more
it is the nature of man kind


i've endured much storms and thunder
the lighting of all man kind
when will i see the sky i wonder
life's been so tough on my mind

You taught me how to taught me how to lie
you taught me how to cheat.. and be a vicious sly

i no longer know.. how good or bad am i

alone and standing in a ballroom
watching every couple dance
imagining my bride and me the groom
but how could i ever get the chance

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A Beautiful World

I leave all my troubles behind
and seek a place to clear my mind

to forget the pain deep in my heart
i look for somewhere where joy may start

i finally reach a place where no one's there
i'm fond of lonliness i must admit
for people's pity i do not care
oh! there's an empty bench where i may sit
and watch this pretty scene out there

orchids around me with the sky so clear
so is my mind now as no one's here

i watch a butterfly murmer a secret song to a pretty flower
how charming..i feel i can watch this for over an hour

i look closer into their mystery world
no matter where the breeze blows butterfly reaches for her in vain
he wishes she has his song heard
but further she goes the deeper his pain

she won't hear you she won't capture your voice, i say
hundreds before you have tried for her to suffice
some gave up and others for their joy had to pay
but never did anyone know her real price

she was meant to amuse others by her pretty looks and scent
but soon this tender breeze shall be a blizzard to drive her away
and for every heart she's broken she surely will repent
and for every tear dropp she surely shall pay

i know you've got a dream to trace
i know exactly how you feel
but to real world you must embrace
and for your broken heart you must heal

she was not meant for you my friend
she never belonged to anyone before
pretty faces always pretend
however we always seek to adore

so i run for cover in this empty world where i belong
rather than seeing you my freind do the same mistakes of mine
even in your beautiful world things go wrong
you offer her love and she leaves you suffer and whine
22-11-2009 (midnight)

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