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' I Am ' - Poem by Monica Lanier

"I AM"

Someone ask me who am I, and I replied,
I am the quiet storm armed with a perplex rhapsody
A sporadic melody with a funky beat
Can you feel me?
Verbally ascending, intending to captivate your mind
With a rhyme divinely designed to align your heart with mine.

I am elevated above the norm
An awkward complexity in its' rarest form.
A dilated verse un-rehearsed
Powerful enough to coerce the best when it's the worse
So you see, even though my enemies have discrepancies
The question is do they really know me?

I am the tear that falls from your distress and disheartened face
Evaporating without a trace, it has dwelled there in the first place?
I am replenished and renewed strength without reprieve
I am the tranquil wind blowing in a breeze.
I am an in-depth thought embedded in your brain
Off-track like a train with Martin Luther King running through my veins
Let freedom ring! ! ! ! Let freedom ring! ! ! ! !

I am injustice in its' darkest shade
With open wounds so deep the scars will never fade.
I am redemption when salvation has lost its' way home
A sty in the eye; too many in this life, I am a thorn,
I am a dream with tarnished defeat
An African Queen with a powerful gift, my heartbeat.

I am hope adamantly wrapped in adversity
I am the blood at the root of the trees in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.
A Radical reluctant to reveal her true self
An unwritten thesis hidden on the page of a tablet.
I am a product that has painfully been polluted by the streets
Hypothetically, analytically, politically, yeah that's me.

I am bitterness at its' peak turned inside out
A bridge of unquenchable, undeniable, unprecedented hope that leaves no doubt
That's exactly what I am all about.
I am sheer essence that is and will inevitably be
The foundation of self-worth that defines not some, but all of me.

I am a spirit free with a view that is heaven bound
An compassionate soul whom feet are planted on the ground.
I am my sisters and brothers on a spiritual decree
For I am you and you are me.
I am humility wounded and disgraced on many accords
But "to whom much is given" said The Lord.
I am understanding, demanding, and commanding that every human and creature is a teacher
And everyone who speaks is not the TRUTH, even preachers
Are you prepared for the reaper?

I am the light that illuminates from the sun
A seeker of my true purpose until my will on this earth is done
I am life crashing into reality
With no restrictions, just mere words, I am poetry.

By: Monica Lanier - poeticmoonchild

Topic(s) of this poem: Hope

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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