Mason Maestro

I Am A Straw Part 9 - Poem by Mason Maestro

Aloft in airy flight, the temperate weather is-
sunny, a bit of clouds, and a high of eighty-six
Floating down and passing the moderate lower stratus
I can see my fateful field of straw's eventual leadership status
Nearing the earth of fertile soil in approach without a sound
A downward wind beheld my seed and drove them in the ground
My Daisy and I were soon to follow in a light blissful drift
We landed ever so softly as though lowered on a lift
Having overseen the planting of my military crop
... a loyal service called for duty in the coming special op.
I'll nurture and raise them as my own and life will have a reason
Unlike the fearful way it was for me last harvest season
Not only is this place the dawn of a revolutionary rise
It's the spot we swapped our vows where our eternal marriage ties
As we shared our love in passionate embracing consummation
My seed slipped out into the ground in climactic procreation

Now months have passed and finally I've refined my inner fire
and exile prepared me to emerge as Head of an Empire
Ever since I was a helpless seed, a coup d'etat's my mission
and nothing will derail this drive ahead of its fruition
With my offspring growing without the stains of mans filthy hands
I'll proudly raise them into a politic line of command
Everything is in place, and the countdown draws near
I begin to reflect history without the shedding of a tear
Throughout the ages man has reigned since the dawn of time
Supreme above the sea of fish- each and every respective type
Over all the birds thoughout the skies and beasts that roam the earth
and up til' now, all plantlife too- we're all expendable at birth
But against the powers and domination, the growing odds will stack
I will be the counted son-of-a-gun who will break the Camel's back

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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