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Curriculums tied up to the hounds
and coffee shops police abounds
Untried, unheard 'round the world, tragedy occurred
Homemade descendants founding unjust avengers

Stilts on ice in Boston city
Isn’t it a pity
The story it goes
Tells of a distorted ghost

Central square, the park unfolded
Buildings rising all around me
Darkness falls - light is here to stay
Wilhelmshire's faithful has found thee

Pulling down the ramparts to wash
All in all I'm so glad we're still there
Otherwise I'm afraid I would sink
So I'll continue to write 'til I run out of ink

Finding, binding, winding your time
Sleeping, weaving, asking for more...
The closer you get to the time you'll forget
You'll be looking back and wishing you wore...

Oh my, deity sitting in the sun
Come submit, sin removal it is done
I sanctify all that is eaten
Worship it or you’ll be beaten

Will I become a king or a pagan
The fate lies within the gates of Copenhagen
On the stand for the masses of migrants
To flock into my arms in the light

Breathless Balkans, blisters & bruises
Savaged lands strewn about through time
From Romans, Goths, Huns and Avars
To Byzantines, Turks, Slavs and Tatars


Much more remains on the subject of Islam
Of Holy War, and Ramadan
Rented flats to the Mullahs and Sheiks
U.N. inspectors shortsighted the leaks

They tried a number of various methods
Inefficient matters of undesirable circumstances

It will only take a few days before it won't make a difference anymore

There's a revolution in my mind
Thoughts flying through a pattern it isn't familiar with
Feeling like a crossgrain your fingers has come to hate

The foreign white lamb under October's shedding trees
We have turned the wrong way
Away from the sheep as they lay
The grip just won't stick

Watch the children play in the minefield
Capture the flag in the old gun tower
Contrast in prosperity- Communist bloc Democracy
Last year shrapnel took my daddy away

Stars and Stripes global police patrol
Third party economy control

Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia

'A grueling monotony, in a crumbling society'
Was this not what you proclaimed as we took this case?
Your claim was quite clear when you emphasised piety

A new century’s ushered in
Resources knocking on our door
We’re advancing without measure
All within reach like never before

After your return from Yangshuo, it's my thirst to say
I'm so glad you're back, here's a third poem for your birthday
We keep moving forward like a slow moving train
Nothing can stop us, not even meatballs in the brain

The documents read
The gods are not dead
Coming down from the skies
Hear the noise and the cries

A shadow glide so amplified
Tedium grind, dissatisfied
Sever the ties open the eyes and the stock is now in stow

Can't speak, can't talk
Can't euthanize anyone they want
Can't hide or change the children's minds
Gonna live with all our souls inside

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*pioneer (The Campaign)

Curriculums tied up to the hounds
and coffee shops police abounds
Untried, unheard 'round the world, tragedy occurred
Homemade descendants founding unjust avengers
Political string tied too strong to left wing
The imbalance threw off the budget from the swing
Land in check, holding sight on tap to the end
Like a pioneer to rewrite the map of Greenland

A summons with the beat of the drum
Around the world the masses will come

From Red square to Bel-Air
Falkland Isles, true democracy calls
To Victoria Falls, and China's walls

Intellectual youthful minds
Never underminds
The spaces between the lines

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