Freshman - 685 Points (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)

I Am Not Failure Person - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

Who said I am failure
Yes I was, I was a victim not a failure
I was a victim
I gonna tell about myself to the whole world
I know why I failed & I know my weak points
I can’t allow the same things happens with me
What I have done before
I was a kind of crazy girl
I had no brain
I believe everything happens for a good reason
My past life taught me lots of lessons
I can’t allow the demons who spoiled my life
I learn one lesson
No one is yours
Everyone comes this world to play their role
Don’t worry if someone detach from you
It’s the god’s will
It doesn’t mean that person gonna die
It means his or her story with you ends there
I found till now no one is my permanent friend
Friends comes & friends goes
Life flows as it is
I remember till now I lose many people & got many people
I learn something new from everyone
Some came in my life as a lesson
Some as blessings
Every time we should thanks god for teaching us great lessons
But life is a like a battle field
My life is kind of unique struggling life
I love struggling than normal life
I promised myself I’ll not give up
I can give up those people who spoiled my life & career
Yesterday I was fool so I wanna keep all in my life
Now I am wise so I wanna filter out
Alas, I found nothing left after filter out
My life is a kind of empty one
I found those who loved me are not actually clean from their heart
I am really scared
I feel like crying
Whatever may be the situation I have promised?
I will be strong like before
I have to long way to go
I can’t allow myself die in failure
I was fool & failure from last SEVEN years
I can’t bear more
I know I failure because of me
I was super fool so people take the advantages of my life
Now also they trying
However everyone do mistake once in their life
I did & I learnt
Now I am not that much fool to do the same mistake again & again
I can't bear my failure more
I wanna be rise, I gonna be rise
So I am not failure
I can’t accept this truth
Let me give a chance to proof myself further
Yesterday I was fool not now
I hope I can rectify myself further
Within SEVEN years I learnt more things than you believe
It made me mature
Now I feel peace as I am not in foggy state
Yesterday I was,
as I could n’t understand the situations & minds of people
Now I am well matured person
I gonna detach myself from everyone
I gonna keep those people with in my heart
Those who really love & care
I am not introvert or hermit
I love to live around those people who help me for my success
Who helps me to reach at my goal?
I can’t be around myself complicated & negative people
Who drag me into lower position?
Yesterday I was fool so I listened them
& made myself just like hell
I am crying for my yesterday as I spoiled my life in my own hand
I don’t wanna cry more, don’t wanna spoiled my life more
I know how I was TEN years before what I am now
I can judge my great failure
I know some people also exists in this world
Who loves to spoiled others life
Who love to see others in failure?
But I don’t want or expect for anyone
Even I can’t do also
So it’s better to stay away from negative people
It’s better to keep very small people around you
I know I always criticized & mocked by many people
As I am different
Still I love myself
As I never chosen any wrong path to get success
I cried, I failed & I learnt
Finally I get success in any field
I know maximum people can’t see your success
So they mock you, laugh at you
But I don’t care as I know
Those who has no ability to do anything great
They spend their life in criticizing others
As they feel it’s bad idea of trying than enjoying life
However I believe getting success in right way is not easy
Who takes it easy I laugh at them
It’s not about money, it’s not about fame or prestige
It’s about what the change you can make in this world or in other’s life
People will laugh at you till you get success
However once you get success everyone will start admire you
So till that day you have to fight for yourself to get that position
Just close your eyes & be blind for those who knowingly down you & misguide you
Keep faith on your lord
He will surely help you if you are really good & do something good
Keep faith on yourself & your god one day he will save you

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