I Am The Only One Who Has The Right To Say The Word' - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

there is something in people that clashes
with how you see things
how this world behaves or ought to be
shaped by your hands and spoken
and you keep it to yourself like a pebble
inside your palm which serves nothing somehow
except that it is there for the keeping
you want to say something
true but which can hurt really that bad
so you choose to swallow your saliva
and learn the taste of this mucus thing
and then you see her all messed up
you wonder how she feels and those who surround her
there are faces that show sorrow
which you suspect may not be true
as you figure out motives, and schemes and
practical results
you see i want to say something
which could have been said directly and
be easily understood but there is a choice here
to conceal and to be civil about a fact
so she passes by your side and you give a wry smile
shake her hand and put a little pressure to
address condolence and you say no word at all
you keep your mouth tightly shut
you stand and take your exit
passing over her sorrow
and at the end you say you do not want to judge
but here you are saying to yourself
something is wrong and there is really something
wrong with what she did
you condemn in silence and the word forgiveness
cannot be found in any page
in that story that you want to tell but which you can't
because they are still alive and you do not really know
what happens next
who is right and who is wrong
time stands there shaking its head
as though saying ' i am the only one who has the right
to say the word'...and i agree.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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