I Am Your Teacher Poem by Michael Eziudo

I Am Your Teacher

I am your teacher, do you know
That the thought I think toward you is thought of good and not of evil low
To guide you to an expected end
Where your desires achieved will always stand
Come now and hear me, you hear?
That my rod in words of correction one you may fear
Be the light unto your feet and the lamp unto your path

I am your teacher do you know
That I go through a lot of pains and heartache and tears
All in joy and no fears
To see you placed on this right track you so abhor
But you slight me and spite me and if you have the means you'll hit me for sure
Oh, what one gets in return for love so pure
And discipline not paid for

I am your teacher do you know
That instead of you calling me nonsense teacher and saying "see his big head" in your mind when I talk to you
You should be grateful for the fact that someone loves and accepts you
Just the way you are
And is willing to correct the mistakes that can make you less a star

I am a teacher do you know
That strict teachers produce better children in future
When they order you to keep clean, do your works, stay focused and pure
They want you successful even better than they are
They love you almost like your mother and father
Do not forget that

I am your teacher do you know
That the students whose teachers had high expectations are much more confident and secure
Children who have persistent teachers are more likely to arrive the destined end in the end
Most of you consider me your true enemy but not to the end
Because putting up with it will help you later in life for real
I may make your life a living hell
But soon you'll end up thanking me for it all
You hear?

I am your teacher do you know
That all I teach is not just to earn you academic certificates
But all that will help you pass all life's exams in flying colours
So when you see me show a stern face
Holding unto my guns
For instructions I have passed
All I require is you give a nod
And a smile with respect and humility
That's all the prize you can pay me
At least for now
I am your teacher, one you'll be someday
To one who'd look up to you someday
With lots of trust and confidence
As I expect of you now rather than being a nuisance
I am your teacher you should know

Monday, March 12, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: discipline,education
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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