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You came at dawn
With the zeal and energy of a young day
Promising and hoping all impossibilities to win
The world seemed a cascade of labyrinth decoy

Ụwa m, ụwa m e, ụwaọma my Praise
Yes, the prayer in my heart, the smile on my face and the praise on my lips
Once upon a time one was it all
But like the dawn after a cold night you arrived

Enyi m, ezigbo enyi m
I budi nwanne m ka I bu nwanna m
Enyi m onye kwo m n'azu ukwu m na-eru ala
Kee nke i meere m I no na-akoghari

Never had it ever been heard
That crab and scorpion lived under one roof
But you say let's call a spade a spade
Same flesh we wear, same image so let's dine in one bowl

I'm gone
Sorry to say, but I'm done
I measure all my sacrifices as no loss
Since the joy it brought me was my cause

How caring you are and how faithful and loyal
Oh, I forgot, and how hardworking and primal
The best staff of the year and award topples awards
More time for the job and less time to yourself and less life

Once the tree looked withered and dried
For years sprouting seemed far
Was it summer or winter
Or planting season or harvest that showed

When you see them
Tell them enmity does not fan the coal or oil the lamp
Tell them love soars on games not as the chameleon plays
Tell them a faithful man is a man of patience that watches the mouse run around the corners of the four walls and rests when it's tired

I am the womb that gave you life
The shield from harshness from uncanny uncertain destination
And you had to breathe by my breath
And bone up by my bones

Through the hedges and rough edges
Through the thorns and the pines
This rose that should be gotten
And held high and in all esteem


I got here
Here where I once lived
And yesterday is not here
It went

Good night everyone
If love cares let it find me
For on my personal pursuit
I'm yet to hit the spot

Love is everything:
Love whispers the truth to us, just that sometimes, we care not to know, or we refuse to see from it's perspective {which is often true} and so we fool ourselves with the coinage; "Love is blind". Unless of course, we chose to play along just to clear every doubt and every fault from our part.

Love is everything:

You are the song that I sing
Then when my heart get excited at mere promises
When all roads lead to the distance ever longed for
When the sun walks away

I am a star yes I know
A star that does not recognise his fans is that one a star?
Soon, his source of light will deem

I have reached it at last
There where my eyes had longed for for ages past
Where my prayers had pointed and heart mounted
This height the great sky where great eagles' soars are unlimited

I don't blame them at all, I don't, no!
I blame the been-tos and them that live in Obodo Oyibo
For coming home with their maximized insanity and unexplained innuendo
Of the people whose mentality is complete opposite of their complexion

Would you not look for what you look for elsewhere
Would it be below my waist you chose to bury your head
I am the world's innocent Lolita
And you are the lecher

Yes, my reasonability I've lost
When trying to reason this inaccessibility
When I could not phantom your unavailability
Chai, chai, I'm left stranded in this 'lone

Although I'm not begging you to stay with me
But before you go remember
You were the one that came to wake me up from my sad slumber
And poured milk and honey in my heart and beauties like roses in my eyes

Michael Eziudo Biography

A Nigerian, from Imo State, born in Benin in 1985, grew up in Abuja and based in Lagos, I contracted writing and now I live in it. My life rotates around art and literature as I teach language and art, I write, act, compose and sing as well. I am naturally shy but presentably bold and I live the day as it comes and as if each day is the last. I am who you know from my works.)

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Gone Too Soon

You came at dawn
With the zeal and energy of a young day
Promising and hoping all impossibilities to win
The world seemed a cascade of labyrinth decoy
You were capable of taking the bull by the horn and holding unto your gun
You won

You lightened the dark world in your world for me
Coming into you was a smooth journey
We embraced us
And had a life
Where are you now dear life
The us became single hearted
One is now learning to be full from its half
If letting go is all that matters now it would be given a hard nod
It would be put in mama's pot of okpa beans
That one she puts nail inside so it cooks fast
It has to cook fast
I have become the shadow of myself - the skeletal frame of my bone

But one thing won't ever go


The times spent under the frangipani tree
That one outside our obi nguzo
Papa's favourite place of rest where he rests on now
Where when he sighted us using refrained to his barns that are far out of use now
The laughter that resounded from mocking anyone who wasn't with us
Not that we let anyone in with us
Or from the nonsensical humorous topicless gibberish that kept us talking all day long
I still can hear you laugh

These eyes went bloodshot red and went too heavy for this head to carry
Your world has now gone with you
Buried in opaque glass of transparent world
You are the wary you once had of us now it you lead
Should I say more

Should I say more
Should I say that you died in my heart the day you murdered me in cold blood
The day you made me believe mama's okpa we ate from days we left our mothers' breasts
Till we could stone the ugiri trees and run
Were sandstones in your mouth
Mama taught me not to hold back
For you I left my heart open and my hands bare
But six inches is smaller to this you pierced them with

So I looked on with life sank into the bloodshot eyes
Space had nothing in it but I looked on
Like I'd find meaning in the meaningless mirage
I'd give a cold shoulder again and again for deep down there where I stare
I couldn't find the you in the image I just saw
This you is a stranger
But without a word from across ways
You left
I may have eventually been man enough to confront this
And may never give the chance again for as little as a deja vu
But you were gone
You were gone too soon

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Ibrahim kumalia 15 June 2018


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We don't need to go back to the past to learn from it. We carried the knowledge along when we left the past

When your eyes begin to see an ear, you'd be foolish to still keep thinking the ears still belong to you

ON MARRIAGE AND FEMINISM Homefronts are matters of responsibility which should be based on agreed principles backed up by approved tenets. Before the walls of marriage should feminism come in, not in the marriage. It'd end up becoming catastrophic and birthing sadists

The biggest challenge any man would ever have is his mind; if not castrated, she'd be the mother of all ugly assumptions and birther of all limitations

Those who won't fight or kill over disagreements are those who understand that the both parties disagree for the same good cause, they just don't have the same point of view

Most times when we love, it's not actually the look of the persons that keep us, it's some strange phenomenon we can't explain, and the fact that we can't explain it makes the puzzle of unavoidable interest

When we love the people we love, we love them because we're hopeful, we're hopeful that there's a feat we can attain with only these people in our lives; because they're the only ones that know how to push us on. Hence, it's heartbreaking to let go. And that's why we cry when they do go, not that they're indispensable.

When you're called upon for group giving, it's a call to part-take in a flowing blessing. Please respond, even if it is with the least currency, be involved.

We are limited, and actually deny ourselves certain privileges, because we busy ourselves thinking that people think what we think they're thinking about us. We need to really understand that people are busy being conscious of themselves than thinking what we think they're thinking about us.

The biggest challenge any man would ever have is his mind; if not castrated, she'd be the mother of all ugly assumptions and birther of all limitations

A lot of us have been limited because we are the ones that actually think what we think people think, where as, nobody really cares.

A lot of persons don't care what they look like from behind, from side, and even when they walk or stand. What you look like if viewed from the rear and side; and then, how you walk and stand, are all as important as how you look like in front, as each tells a lot about you. Your front tells of your fashion taste and packaging, your rear tells of how much you give attention to trivial matters and domestic demands, while the way you look viewing from the sides in addition to your walk steps and how you stand, tell of your personality. So when next you do your make up, remember that these other ones count too

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Michael Eziudo Popularity

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