Michael Eziudo Poems

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Gone Too Soon

You came at dawn
With the zeal and energy of a young day
Promising and hoping all impossibilities to win
The world seemed a cascade of labyrinth decoy


Ụwa m, ụwa m e, ụwaọma my Praise
Yes, the prayer in my heart, the smile on my face and the praise on my lips
Once upon a time one was it all
But like the dawn after a cold night you arrived

Ezigbo Enyi M

Enyi m, ezigbo enyi m
I budi nwanne m ka I bu nwanna m
Enyi m onye kwo m n'azu ukwu m na-eru ala
Kee nke i meere m I no na-akoghari

You're My Lullaby

You are the song that I sing
Then when my heart get excited at mere promises
When all roads lead to the distance ever longed for
When the sun walks away

Remember Who I Should Be

I am the womb that gave you life
The shield from harshness from uncanny uncertain destination
And you had to breathe by my breath
And bone up by my bones

If Love Cares Else Good Night Everyone

Good night everyone
If love cares let it find me
For on my personal pursuit
I'm yet to hit the spot

Love Is Everything

Love is everything:
Love whispers the truth to us, just that sometimes, we care not to know, or we refuse to see from it's perspective {which is often true} and so we fool ourselves with the coinage; "Love is blind". Unless of course, we chose to play along just to clear every doubt and every fault from our part.

Love is everything:

Your Course Is The Cause That Curse You

I am a star yes I know
A star that does not recognise his fans is that one a star?
Soon, his source of light will deem

I Am Your Teacher

I am your teacher, do you know
That the thought I think toward you is thought of good and not of evil low
To guide you to an expected end
Where your desires achieved will always stand

Valour Of Value

Through the hedges and rough edges
Through the thorns and the pines
This rose that should be gotten
And held high and in all esteem

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