Michael Eziudo Poems

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Gone Too Soon

You came at dawn
With the zeal and energy of a young day
Promising and hoping all impossibilities to win
The world seemed a cascade of labyrinth decoy


Ụwa m, ụwa m e, ụwaọma my Praise
Yes, the prayer in my heart, the smile on my face and the praise on my lips
Once upon a time one was it all
But like the dawn after a cold night you arrived

Ezigbo Enyi M

Enyi m, ezigbo enyi m
I budi nwanne m ka I bu nwanna m
Enyi m onye kwo m n'azu ukwu m na-eru ala
Kee nke i meere m I no na-akoghari

Bread And Butter

Never had it ever been heard
That crab and scorpion lived under one roof
But you say let's call a spade a spade
Same flesh we wear, same image so let's dine in one bowl

Painful Riddance

I'm gone
Sorry to say, but I'm done
I measure all my sacrifices as no loss
Since the joy it brought me was my cause


How caring you are and how faithful and loyal
Oh, I forgot, and how hardworking and primal
The best staff of the year and award topples awards
More time for the job and less time to yourself and less life

He Left

Once the tree looked withered and dried
For years sprouting seemed far
Was it summer or winter
Or planting season or harvest that showed

When You See These Flowers

When you see them
Tell them enmity does not fan the coal or oil the lamp
Tell them love soars on games not as the chameleon plays
Tell them a faithful man is a man of patience that watches the mouse run around the corners of the four walls and rests when it's tired

Remember Who I Should Be

I am the womb that gave you life
The shield from harshness from uncanny uncertain destination
And you had to breathe by my breath
And bone up by my bones

Valour Of Value

Through the hedges and rough edges
Through the thorns and the pines
This rose that should be gotten
And held high and in all esteem

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