I And The Superlatives Poem by Jyotishman Debnath

I And The Superlatives

Now this time, I m alone
the truth is I have been
I so big! my shadow so small
the big sky is mine
but it's small for others to fit in.

now this time Im alone
and I know the blue waters are not deep in me
but if you measure my circumference
you will feel atleast Im wide enough

like others
I could also have written all lovesick songs
the old songs of love
about nightingle and roses
about solitery lily
or the first shower of rain

but(I will complit if I find the right word)

in my own throat I wear a song 'nothing'
like an arrow to pierce nobody
well, I'm that nobody
like dickinson I could have written
about my this no body hood
but I enjoy the rustic glory of being nobody

the word I signifies a pride
a senseless pride
but in front of me there are thousands of I
and each day morning the mirror multiplies
I feel it decieves me!

now this time I'm alone
in my journey from the zero to the whole
my existance is so big
and i'm so small

I, the hero of the tragic dramas
I, the villain of my own epic battle

now this time I'm alone
in the battle against the self
I have lost my cavalary
my knight
my comrade

but I won the battle lost like Ashoka
'you will have a fortune of a traveller
who finishes his journey'
and I dig in
and I dig in

the corridor of my
own being
own soul
own existance
all alone, dangerously alone

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