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And they say
they are pilgrims
they are doing it for their God's sake

I) I have always been fascinated by the word antonym
whatever befalls me
I m just a mute spectator
say I'm walking up the hill

The voice of the tree gets frozen
and the snow falls on the heart of the winter

it has been broken

I wanted to draw a painting
on the canvas called life...
beatiful, mystic yet attractive..

I revisited
the ailing forest
carpeted with autumnal leaves

the candle is lighten up
with the mercy of cold angry air.

i started searching for myself

who cries at midnight
what comes out from the heart of the rock?

the thousand years of grief

the insane night
the noise of silence
whispering something into my ears
the night is a mourn song of lost sun

for everybody else
there is a place to go back
to feel the touch of beloved
and go back to the land, they belong

I am just a poet
I have only my dreams
I keep them like a treasure.

death is easy
love is easy too..!

i donot like easy things!

what did I get by touching the womb of life
what comes and what goes
the tears I cried
came back as a mystic smile of life

there is a song of this vast ocean
the sandstone of desire in the seashore
increasing like the tides


sometimes somewhere in the four corner
a deep rooted blankness hugs me tightly
the wind blows sharp

a poem is dying
first two lines are hanging down
the middle stanza is screaming in pain
some words are getting dried up like the sand


landslide in the four corners
in between hangs down a midnight
layers of dust

Now this time, I m alone
the truth is I have been
I so big! my shadow so small
the big sky is mine

my body is my own temple
I'm my own God
my own priest
I don't offer myself to the stones

The broken mirror asked me
' is it you'?

the gypsy woman singing a sad song


I wish I'd say goodbye

Jyotishman Debnath Biography

Noun Pronoun verb Noun. Pronoun verb adverb adjective, Some more adjective, and a very strong Pronoun with an exclamation mark attached to it...! You can fill the blanks the way you feel like... 'Me: Did I ever tell you that I always paint my picture red? 'X': About thousand times...' and the conversation goes on....till the time we can afford words no more...! Don't worry it's just a part of my own fiction...a fiction where everyone is a prophet, a Christ, a sinner...all trapped in a mousetrap.. sadly I can't visit the wizard of the Oz to rescue them but it's equally satisfying that no one can..yet I want to fill the void with colors...and put on my own skin inside out...want to dream a dream of perfection and then wake up like 'something alive'...a happy note a brilliant end, where a caterpillar no longer worries about being a butterfly as it knows it's only a transformation not death... it has always been a contradiction between being and nothingness, between a yes and a no, between existence of something that is light and heavy at the same time, a probability of getting head or tails....between not lying and not telling the truth...but luckily we always have an escape route.... Decoratively we call it indifference...! it's a process which is just like an ancient text of alchemy....turn anything into gold....just one touch...dying light! still when the raindrops beat like a drum I no longer want the cold serenity of a monk, but the warm restlessness of a poet.....never ending, never dying, forever new...a celebration, a feast on life...! 'A character is never the author who created him. It is quite likely, however, that an author may be all his characters simultaneously' And I love to write, paint, create, build, protect me and my characters...whole night long...! overall Life has always been beautiful in it's own locus...and with the presence of an invincible summer it will always be....! Come, exchange dreams....! P.S: If my words are tough to understand be attuned to my silence...)

The Best Poem Of Jyotishman Debnath

An Interview With God

And they say
they are pilgrims
they are doing it for their God's sake

In a country
where 'patriots' are born
just before every cricket match
it's very unpatriotic to spreak the truth

last night some men with long beard
were held for having terrorist links
they were auto rickshaw drivers
had a home
father mother and lovely wives
everything was right
but the problem is
they say 'Alla ho akbar'
instead of 'Jai Sri ram'

and who knows
some day they might come with
'WMD'..for they have long beard
you can't make an ommlet
without braeking an egg
each time they are held
some hundread potential terrorsts come alive

in this country
full of terrorist and it's counter terrorst
I wonder! who belongs to none
why we have history books?
'Aurangzeb was a bloody ruler'
'tipu sultan hadn't done much to india'

I wonder if Aurnagzeb's were a hindu!
if the color of his flag were saffron not green
and why tipu should give expalination
'Oh my indo-yankees, I was indian first muslim later'

I wonder why do I need a color?
to show I'm a patriot
why do I need to prove my identity?
if being religious means hating others
why shouldn't I reamain atheist?

why people waiting visas
suddenly get
a 'made in indian' look?
is this a nonsense fellow feeling?
or am I wrong?
we all have pains
enough pains
a bitter past
it's better to pass these to others
and busy in playing
'Let's throgh the mud' game
whoever wins they are real patriot
they are the son of god

some decade ago a great man
died in this soil
I wonder and think
some day we might read
'what he said? just before his death
Hey Ram or Alla hoo akbar'
I know at that time that great man
will remain silent...

after hearing all these
god asked me
'are you an athiest? '
I replied ' my lord
I'm your loyal OPPOSITION
AND I'M happy I don't worship you'

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deepak 26 August 2018

Nice poem

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