Jyotishman Debnath Poems

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An Interview With God

And they say
they are pilgrims
they are doing it for their God's sake

A Lesbian In A Girls Hostel

I) I have always been fascinated by the word antonym
whatever befalls me
I m just a mute spectator
say I'm walking up the hill

Three Stanzas For Love

I) our thoughts and laughter
drowned in blood
to the organs of stone
which can't be wrapped

The Snow

The voice of the tree gets frozen
and the snow falls on the heart of the winter

it has been broken

The Painter

I wanted to draw a painting
on the canvas called life...
beatiful, mystic yet attractive..

Last Rendezvous

I revisited
the ailing forest
carpeted with autumnal leaves

Caterpiller Dreams

the candle is lighten up
with the mercy of cold angry air.

i started searching for myself

The Sculpture Of Unfulfillness

who cries at midnight
what comes out from the heart of the rock?

the thousand years of grief

Epitaph Of The Lost Sun

the insane night
the noise of silence
whispering something into my ears
the night is a mourn song of lost sun

Gypsy Dreams

for everybody else
there is a place to go back
to feel the touch of beloved
and go back to the land, they belong

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