I Don't Crack Jokes Poem by Pushp Sirohi

I Don't Crack Jokes

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I don't crack jokes, I weave them in rhyme,
Crafting laughter, one word at a time.
With words as my palette, I paint a scene,
Where laughter and mirth reign supreme.

In the realm of wit, I find my place,
Delighting hearts with a smile on each face.
For humor resides in the depths of my soul,
A playful spirit, eager to console.

I don't crack jokes, I spark the delight,
Creating moments that shine so bright.
With clever quips and humorous lines,
I turn the mundane into laughter's shrine.

In jest and banter, I find my art,
Tickling funny bones, touching every heart.
For in laughter's embrace, we find release,
A joyful respite, bringing inner peace.

So let the mirth flow, like a river so free,
Unleashing laughter's infectious glee.
For in the humor that we share and evoke,
We find a bond, a connection that spoke.

I don't crack jokes, I bring laughter's cheer,
Spreading joy far and near.
In the tapestry of life, let laughter unfurl,
For it's the sweetest medicine in this world.

Bharati Nayak 12 May 2023

A very beautiful poem. Laughter is the best medicine.Making others laugh is an art and you seem to have mastered that craft.

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