I Dream Poem by Tim Adams

I Dream

Rating: 4.8

They say that dreams never do come true,
but I say they're wrong, I believe they do.
I dream of you, I dream of me,
I dream of how this was never going to be.
I dream of our feelings, I dream of our thoughts,
I dream of these things, I dream of them lots.
I dream of our life, I dream of our end,
I dream of how we are the very best of friends.
I dream of when we will be husband and wife,
I've been dreaming of that dream most of my life
I dream of how this is the happiest I've been since a kid,
I dream your the only one who could do what you did.
I dream of the dreams I'll have sleeping next to my love,
I dream of these gifts from the heavens above.
I dream of my dreams and how they've come to fruition,
I dream of how your happiness has become my main mission.
So they say that dreams are only dreams and never come true,
I say they're wrong, I now know that they do.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams
Rakhi Jha 18 July 2016

superb poem.....love it

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Julie Smith 05 July 2016

Wonderful poem, and I believe it too :)

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Tim Adams 05 July 2016

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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