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Crying in the pallid night
Crying in a dreary sleep
Crying torrid shades of ember
For the washed out faded days

As I sit here, shaking from the walk, but definite
My fingers smelling of smoke and myself
I don't need anyone else

Hear the clocks ticking, from dusk 'til night
The time is running, will it be on my side?
When the clock strikes nine I will be just fine
Because this is the time that you will be mine

Beautiful, sexy, pretty
All the compliments in the world
Make me feel good
But what is their worth

Victory, why are you feeling so blue?
Because I won't be heard by the Gods I pray to
Great Jupiter, listen
Your Psyche is calling

You might say I am crazy
Obsessive, insane
But I'm just a girl
With an American name

City lights reflected by silver clouds
My brand new shoes on the dark, dusty pavement
Following the golden glow down the avenue
High trees, white walls and luxury villas

I was a stupid girl
Egoistic and dumb
Put myself first
I was feeling numb

Forever and ever
The saying goes
But what's in eternity
Can it come close

I saw you in a magazine today
Half a smile, miles away
And though I know you're busy doing all the things you wanna do
I keep thinking about you

A love's lesson learned
A reputation well earned
I am going places
But baby, let's face it

A snapshot
It makes the present stay alive
Makes a distant past revive
Happy faces, words unspoken

Point your gun at my head
Play me till I drop dead
The worst of you will get the best of me

Summertime's ending but winter is far
Passing the time at the cinema
Sun, swimming pool and buying new clothes
Changing room fun and taking cool photos

See the sun shining and the hillsides so green
The meadows reflecting the faint morning light
The lilies they blossom in nature's wide screen
While the air feels fresh after a clear pristine night

Is this a beginning
Or just the beginning of an end like all the times before?
An ending before it began
Beginning to fade

I'm the Queen of the bad examples
In the dance team I fall out of line
I don't walk, I trip and I stumble
And the grand prize never was mine

I'm too scared to lose you
Wouldn't even start a fight
Still I do things
That put me at risk

They say you always meet twice
But what after?
When you don't know if you messed up worse than before
You need a third time to try it once more

Baby, don't look in my eyes
Or we'll have to pay the price
If the public finds out
What this is about

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I love France, traveling, art, fashion, Cleopatra, Roman history, Greek mythology, politics, purple sunsets, Shakespeare, the 19th century, botany, Alexander von Humboldt, Music, Mick Jagger, French films, bad boys ;))

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The You That I Remember

Crying in the pallid night
Crying in a dreary sleep
Crying torrid shades of ember
For the washed out faded days
And the you that I remember

My tears await a supreme sign
To tell them dry or keep on running
My blurry eyes contrive a scheme
Of truthful words that cease becoming
And remain a blissful dream

Wishes don't accept objections
Conviction doesn't face projections
Confidence grows into doctrine
With unimpaired withdrawal signs
Until your memory catches mine

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 01 August 2016

great upcoming poet I see in you young lady from Frankfurt are you German?

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Paul Amrod 01 August 2016

Hi Julie, I like your personal logic with situational thinking. Greetings, Paul

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Julie Smith Quotes

Whatever happens can't be as bad as what happened before and we can deal with that.

Just because you don't know what you want you don't have to take what's there. Better late the right thing than the wrong thing right now.

Life advice: 1_ It's not the end of the world. 2_ I have to find inner peace. 3_ He's not out of this world 4_ We all are still young

Half a heart is better than half a life but half a life is better than nothing

If I wasn't supposed to be with him all my life I would have never met him.

I may not be the first in the finish line but I got the greatest staying power.

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Julie Smith Popularity

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