I Go Out On The Road Alone Poem by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov

I Go Out On The Road Alone

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Alone I set out on the road;
The flinty path is sparkling in the mist;
The night is still. The desert harks to God,
And star with star converses.

The vault is overwhelmed with solemn wonder
The earth in cobalt aura sleeps. . .
Why do I feel so pained and troubled?
What do I harbor: hope, regrets?

I see no hope in years to come,
Have no regrets for things gone by.
All that I seek is peace and freedom!
To lose myself and sleep!

But not the frozen slumber of the grave...
I'd like eternal sleep to leave
My life force dozing in my breast
Gently with my breath to rise and fall;

By night and day, my hearing would be soothed
By voices sweet, singing to me of love.
And over me, forever green,
A dark oak tree would bend and rustle.

Nicholas Andreasson 15 December 2007

A poem central to Lermontov´s destiny, still it is of general importance to those who feel uncomfortable with the social order to which one is bound. Being a chevalier of imperial cavalry Lermontov wanted all the privilegies including being surrouded by adoring women. But serving imperial power in wars aiming at conquering caucasian tribes and dukedoms - no thanks! Nicholas A. Andreasson

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Sue Ann Simar 21 January 2007

a utopia of the grave so to speak...certainly a timeless sentiment

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Janez Stein 11 June 2022

And over me, forever green..

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Karen Brown 25 May 2019

I just heard this poem recited by former President Gorbachev (in Russian) in a documentary about him by Werner Herzog. I loved it. If the translation is so bad, as is claimed in other comments, I wish that someone would submit a better one. To hear Mr. Gorbachev recite it at the end of the film, having learned so much about his life, was beautiful.

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Johnny Quiet 26 April 2016

One of my very favourite poems. The translation doesn't do it justice though. I'm not sure if translations should necessarily carry exactly the same idea as the original, but i feel a translation of this poem should carry some of the elegance of the original.

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* Sunprincess * 27 May 2014

.............nicely written....gives a feeling of peace...

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Mariya Melolonta 27 May 2010

the quality of this translation is absolutely despicable.it will not give you the right idea of lermontov`s poem

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