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O' Silvery Moon

o' silvery moon,
from where did you come
you shine your light upon us
a reflection of the sun!

A Dreaming Child

as a golden star blazes a trail across the starry sky
a light breeze is blowing on a warm summer's night
so many stars are twinkling in a midnight blue sky

A Million Kisses For Youuu

the moon rises so very high
with dreams flying away
like a kiss blown in the wind
on a warm summer's night

Apples And Oranges

one apple, two apples, three apples, four
give me an apple, and i’ll love you even more!

Magical Is The Sunlight

magical is the sunlight, each and every day
showing us things of beauty and wonder
like the prettiest blue sky ever, so lovely,
after a stormy night of lightning and thunder

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