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o' silvery moon,
from where did you come
you shine your light upon us
a reflection of the sun!

as a golden star blazes a trail across the starry sky
a light breeze is blowing on a warm summer's night
so many stars are twinkling in a midnight blue sky

the moon rises so very high
with dreams flying away
like a kiss blown in the wind
on a warm summer's night

magical is the sunlight, each and every day
showing us things of beauty and wonder
like the prettiest blue sky ever, so lovely,
after a stormy night of lightning and thunder

planet earth is my special home, and this home I love
the mountains I love, the desert I love, and the sea I love
and I especially love, fluffy white clouds above!

my special creation is a beautiful golden poem
it's value is priceless made solely with love
when the sun came bursting through the clouds
early one morning in the springtime of April

one apple, two apples, three apples, four
give me an apple, and i’ll love you even more!

the curious shop's owner sat down his little elephant of jade
sir we have something precious to trade
yes! says the curious little shop's owner, let's take a look
after marking 379 in his accounting book

doctor, doctor, where are you, it is time, abandoned spaceship
magic door, monster clowns, the tardis, let's speak French
parlez- vous francais, j'taime, embrasee- moi, mi amour! ! !

Our God is a wondrous God
he is the creator
there isn’t anyone greater
he’s created the earth


hope is a beautiful word
like an intangible something
hope is always there
we only need to grasp

when our day breaks with light
our sun smiles and shines on us
making our world sunny and bright
warming our head and our toes

Oh yes this is absolutely true
your smile is the most gorgeous
and is filled with promises
of love and dreams from you

The year 2013 was a flowing river of time
it flowed swiftly
sometimes over beds of rocks
sometimes over pebbles

it's one of those rare winter nights
when it's not freezing cold
but crazy windy weather

companies profit from capturing animals
and holding them for years!

does anyone know, is this imprisonment?

a beautiful mermaid was lost in a silken fantasy of love
she played and swam in the ocean blue
she loved to float and flap her tail creating a big splash
floating farther and farther away from land

does anyone actually understand
this thing called time?
time leaves me astounded
just trying to understand time

Did you know the poem is a blue butterfly,
An elusive and gentle butterfly,
 uniquely exotic, vibrant and beautiful
One to admire, One to behold?


On a shore of silken powdery sand
I stand beside him
for he has carried me here
...from our home planet

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O' Silvery Moon

o' silvery moon,
from where did you come
you shine your light upon us
a reflection of the sun!

o' silvery moon,
so serene and so bright
you're warm sweet smile
is lighting up our night!

o' silvery moon,
until life's golden end
you visit us every night
you are a loyal friend!

o' silvery moon,
you twirling we love to see
the sky is your ballroom
and you dance so gracefully!

o' silvery moon,
always looking for romance
I know where love is
it's found in paris, france!

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