I Have A Vision.

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I Have a Vision.
I stink, I smell,
I want to seek my vision,
I want to go back to where there is beauty, around me,
To where a mans mind can be crystal clear,
Unpolluted rivers,
Pristine streams,
To drink from mountain brooks,

To be healthy and clean,
I need to be sober,
Not in a drunken stupor,
I want to notice what’s around me,
I want too love my surroundings,
And appreciate the gift of life,
To be able to smell perfumed fragrance given off by the wild flowers,
Not the garbage in some alley way,
To have somebody care about me,
I want to take my foot out of civilization,
From desperation,
To put my feet firmly on my visions ground,
Ancient ground,
Be connected to my mother earth,
Go back to ancient ways,
To harmonize with the environment,
Not socialize with decanted ones,
Then I would be some one,
People would call me by name,
People would care for my well fare,
To be a warrior of note,
Not a vagrant,
Not a derelict,
I am always feeling sick,
Or not feeling at all,
Oblivious to all,
I am going to disappear into my vision,
Get out of my way,
Do not stand in the way,
Don’t block my path,
I can see where I am heading,
I can see where I am going.
His vision, my vision.
Osceola Birdman Waters.
copy rights pending.

Meggie Gultiano 19 July 2007

you do love nature and Mother earth. We are of the same wave length. I do like your style. It's beautiful..magnificent as always

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