Nero CaroZiv

I Have No Thought In Me But You - Poem by Nero CaroZiv

I have no thought in me but you
No other dear debt to me is due
If yet I have not all your love
I shall never have it all
I cannot breathe another burdening sigh
Nor entreat one more tear to fall
All my treasure, all my franchise fails to conquer my heart’s goal
Dreams and sighs, tears and oaths
Pleadings and pledges, letters and eulogies
I have spent; I have sent and no more can be done by me
If by now still your gift of love is partial
That some to me, some should to others fall
Oh my Dear, Dear soul! ! !
I shall never have you all
In pleasant pains, in sweet aching, in agonizing aches
I shall never have what my heart yearns my body shakes

I have no desire in me but you
In me but empty ways and futile clues
If then you ever gave me all
All was but all, which you had then
But if in your heart, since there was
New love created by other men
Which have their entire stocks put
In tears, in sighs, in oaths and letters to outbid me
This new love may foster new fears
For this love was not vowed by you dear
And yet it was your gift to others
Gnaw my inwards to pieces and to utters
Yet, your heart the ground of all your love
Is mine, and whatever shall grow there
I shall have it all

Yet, I would not have it all yet
He that has all can have no more
And since my love has the nature of the wind
Every day admits new growth
Every hour commits new change, deems a new dream
You should have new rewards in store
Let our love leaves through the door
You cannot give me your heart every day
If you can give it, then you never gave it
The quest of having it all
And yet not losing it at all
If we in all shall be one
And one another all
Be it all, partial or not at all
All my souls be
Imparadise in you
In whom alone I comprehend grow and see
The rafters of my body bone and brain
Be all still with you, in you and about you
The muscle, sinew and vein
Revive, thrive, renew again

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 7, 2010

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