Tameka Morin

I'Ll Be Free - Poem by Tameka Morin

I always try to listen
to my family's troubles,
but when I try to listen
the burden is doubled.
Nobody knows why I'm
hard as a rock,
everyday I'm surprised
one day my head will get popped.
From all the stress
the things I've seen,
no one know who can believe.
That another day of my
is just one more trouble,
add it to my list
it's just one more struggle.
I'll try my best to fix it
that you can trust,
is it me going insane
or is it just us.?
Our secrets can't talk
they will never show,
see our past is real dark
how'd we let them all grow.?
One thing I do know
and it will never change,
is how did I get here
why do I have this name.?
I don't want it
so take it,
ain't my fault
so I'll break it.
Some people say
this is a common name,
but how can they say it
when all I know is rage.?
Don't want people to know
so I'll hide my face,
I'll continue to hide
'cause my family's a discrace.
One day I'll see the bottom
no longer the top,
no time can erase
all the memories I got.
But see I'm just a kid
this shouldn't be all put on me,
one day I'll get gone
and that's the day I'll be free...

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 24, 2009

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