I'Ll Be There Poem by Stephanie Starr

I'Ll Be There

I don’t have the time to look at shiny things that don’t seem to function
The world is moving too fast to let me catch the precious moments
I am old, too old to start something new, so I keep those words locked up
Maybe I will open them when I die….but then what, I sigh
If I can’t see the color in me then I bet it is not there
There is no gold in my eyes, no strands to my hair
He said he’d be there
Yes he said:

I’ll be there, I’ll be there
When the moon howls I’ll be there
When the wind is tired I’ll be there
When all the words you keep locked up
Are leaving you without a chance to catch up
And all the dreams you had in your heart
Were packaged and shipped away in a cart
And all the memories you learned to hide
Are shriveling away, a groomless bride
So when nothing calms you, not even tea
You can come to me.

Is it fair to make me hope, and then leave me alone
My expiration date is near, but no one will witness it
He promised, yes he promised, why did I believe it?
Was I wrong to hope that he was “the one”?
Is there such a thing? Something stronger than a gun?
Whatever. Don’t matter. I got nowhere to go
A new life will be good for me
White paint over my stains
But I remember what they were
Locked with my pains:

I washed, I washed
I washed myself clean
My hair, my clothes, spotless, what did it mean
For when I was young I couldn’t be bothered
With acknowledging my weakness for those white collared
Rich guys who saw me as only one thing
But one guy didn’t, when he saw I could sing
He swept me off my feet and away we went
To Hollywood, where I could pay the rent
I was everywhere, a celebrity, an icon to all
I still am except now, I don’t feel so tall
I had made it big, I didn’t need him anymore
His eyes filled with sorrow that cut me to the core
He told me he loved me and I did not care
And before he left he said he’d be there

Now I see the lie that I wonder if he meant to keep
I haven’t seen him in 30 years, but he is still on my mind
He never meant to come, I hurt him too much
But I wish I could tell him just three little words
For my life would be complete with him at my side
But he is not here, as I cry and cry
At last I am quiet and I think with a sigh
It is my time to die
I close my eyes….

And snap them open as a see
A blur of color in front of me
Those hazel eyes, so loving, so pure
Look into mine and I awake with a stir
It is him, I know it, even with saggy lines
I see that smile, and I know he is mine
He takes my hand and grins
And I tell him you’re late
He says you must forgive me
For I made a mistake
You made no mistake, I can take the blame
He smiles and says, you wanted the fame
I don’t want it anymore, I want you
He frowns and says you love me, correct?
Well I must say, I cannot object
30 years my heart has tried and tried
To get rid of you, but you opened me wide
So I am yours, whether we like it or not
Don’t worry, I say, I like it a lot
And now all I feel is his mouth on mine
It revives my soul, no more goodbyes
They can wait till later
When they will be sweet
I whisper I’ll be there
And he shakes his head
We are here, he says, till we are dead.

Chance 23 November 2009

im confused you talk about 30 years and stuff but u say your 15?

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