Just Read Poem by Stephanie Starr

Just Read

Rating: 5.0

I feel the need to write,
All my thoughts down
They swirl and twirl, never slowing
The hour goes on and I am restless

The melody of my life is changing,
The keys are shifting
The piano stays the same,
As my fingers cross over the whites and blacks

I don’t know what is coming
But I feel it here
The echo of how I felt fading, barely audible
A new beat comes through, getting louder

I am stuck with it, yet I want to move on
Past the boxful of memories
A delicate package, a delicate life
So crushable beneath my fingertips

I want it to live, to fly and find others
To forget me, whatever I symbolize
I am a nuisance unlike those memories,
Forever holding me back

The air will not come to me, it misses me
Like it is avoiding me, like I am avoiding myself
It doesn’t want to help me,
It wants me to feel pain

I know what I have to do, but can I
Hurt such memories, such a life
Just for my sake, my needs, my selfish needs
But the wind whispers it is right

The melody slows, becoming softer
My hands find no reason to play
If it ends, will I be bothered?
Or will anyone?

Adi Cox 05 August 2009

Reading this poem feels like an impromptu piano performance. The immediacy of an improvisation, of an introspection looking for composure. The ending is so very appropriate, trying to get a handle on what you are doing: If it ends, will I be bothered? or will anyone? Well it was an enjoyable read for me. I really felt a sense of creativity through this writing.10/10.

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Tobias Caldicott 04 August 2009

That Was a perfect write and requires no criticism, I hate it, but I love it, I hate it because it is so true and dawns a sad reality but I love it because it is amazing poetry and I can relate 10/10 Tobii

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Keith Hendrickson 29 July 2009

this is my favorite 1 of yours so far... very very nince piece of writing. no question u have tons of talent.

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I have just read it and its nice.

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