I'Ll Bear The Shame - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

You can't make me feel worse than I feel
You can't steal what isn't real
You can't unsay all that you've spoken
You can't unbreak what's already broken
You can't love one minute
And then hate the next
One of you is a liar
Once can't be so vexed
The same way you treated me
You'll treat the next
You showered me with care
Then disown me as a pest
When I confided in you
I kept you close to my vest
I tried to say, I cared about you
Thought you were one of the best
But you just turned what I confessed
Because I somehow failed your test
You don't realize what you do
You don't see that all you really see is you
and I didn't mean that to turn into a snafu
I only said so, because I cared about you
and thought somehow maybe I could get through
But you turned on me too
Though you pretend to be smiling and true blue
You've got a dark spot that you keep from view
But I care anyway, in spite of you
Because I see the kind girl inside struggling
And my sympathy runs deep
I see someone crying and it's natural
to feel sad and ask why they weep
Though you believe your care about me was in vain
And I've become someone to turn from
while you retreat to your pain
I just wanted to let you know that I still care
and still see someone past the obvious stain
But until you recognize that others have feelings too
I'll just tell you..
It's always going to turn out just the same
I go away feeling hurt, I feel your hurt too
You go away with no remorse
You overlook a gift horse
but I feel the sadness
for you I'll bear the shame
I'll use one of my wishes
Please ponder what I said without anger or disdain

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 24, 2009

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