I 'Ll Still Love You Poem by Damn Angel

I 'Ll Still Love You

i 'll still love you

it's to who gift me love
it's to who make her soul hug mine
it's to who make her love lived in my heart
it's to who make my chest burning in her love
it's for you my soulmate

you are my imaginary princess in my wake and in my dreams
you are the only one who occupant my heart and my fellings
i sailed in your eyes and i found my self flooding in it,
flooding in her charming and fascination
ahhhhhhhhhh...... your eyes is torturing me
ahhhhhhhhhh...... your sights is slaughtering me
i missed your whispers in my heart, in my breath, in my soul
i miss you... i miss you
you are my power and my weakness point
you are my most beautiful and craziness moments in my life
with you all parity upside down, and became 1+1=1! !
you and me one heart and one body
you make me fell in my happiness and sadness
i considering you my refuge, when i fell lonely, confusing, and lost
my life without you had no taste and color in it
so please don't take that from me
i don't care to the life if it took you or make us seperating, i will still love you
i don't care to the life if it make you so far away from me, i'll be waiting for you
you are not like other humans for me
my heart is fulfill of your love, and all my fellings going for you
so there is no palce for another woman in my heart only you
if the pepole banished you from me and make us seperated
even if they could isolate between our bodies, but they can't seperate between our hearts
i will keep saying it to you, even my soul left my body that i love you, i love you.

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