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I Lost Everything - Poem by Heather Noble

I lost everything all at once.
My world stopped just like that.
My friend ditched me. I'm out of school.
I even lost Monica.

She was sweet, funny, and nice.
She moved out of state.
I won't graduate.
My life is anything but great.

Maryssa ditched me. I don't know if
we're still friends.
My life is terrible.
It should go ahead and end.

I lost everything all at once.
Nothing's right at all.
I need a job so I can move.
So I can independently stand tall.

Like I'm an adult. Not a kid.
Like other people think.
Most people would say my life is good,
but I say my life stinks.

Once you quit school your friends
forget about you.
Take it from me I know.
Believe me I do.

I've lost everything all at once.
Shattered are my dreams.
I need to find a way to realize
exactly what my life means.

I know I've been hateful, but I
have a reason to cry.
If I could speak to God myself
I'd only ask him why?

Why put me through this torment?
I haven't done a thing.
Help me figure out why all my
heart does is sting.

I'm seventeen. I'm too young
for this stress.
I can't sleep at night. My
whole life is a mess.

No one will help me.
Or show me the way.
All people tell me is that
It'll one day be okay.

I have hope that it eventually
So, what do I do till then?
This pain is too damn real.

I've lost evrything all at once.
It hurts too bad.
I want something to call my own.
So, I won't be so sad.

Help me please show me
someone cares.
My life hurts. Sometimes
it's too hard to bare.

Will someone tell me what my life means?
Until then I've lost everything.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 31, 2005

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