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I'M Real.....My Friend! ! ! ! - Poem by WIN VENTURA

You've gone
Vanished in thin air......

No news from you....
For many months,
thought you never cared.

What the heck! ! !
I don't want to know,
not anymore...

I got a message today
From a friend... of a friend, of mine
You asking...
how am I! ! ! ? ? ?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! ! ! !
(pinch me someone, please...)
Ouch! ! ! It hurts....
but naaaaaaaaaaa! ! ! !
Never you or your words! !

Heyyyyyyyyyy! ! !
Anyway, ...I'm good.
Still kicking....alive.
I still write…
when I'm happy, angry or sad!
so guess! ! ! ?
In which mood...
I’m in now...., my friend! ! ? !

Oh yes! I still remember those words,
Dancing ballet,
In my strong stubborn head...
What can I say...?

I know, I’ve hurted you somehow, could say I was rude to you,
in many ways,
but did you ask yourself why?

Ahhh! ...pity, it’s a shame….
You never even try! ! !
First mistake...
You should have realized,
You’re one big headache! ! !

I had no other choice,
I've to let you know,
Just want you to see.
That there is a real friend in me! ! !

How important a friendship?
is nothing for you.
but to me....
Friends are treasures,
Sealed with forever..Love, care, trust n honesty.

You were blind.. ' ha ha ha'.....
Got trapped in your own faults n mistakes.
Adding lots of wrong dirty blank spaces,
In between us...
N believing
Not the REAL,
But the FAKES...

So be it....
I let you go,
Just want you to see for yourself....
Who is right? ...or so so n so! ! !

ok..ok...ok....! ! !
No more, the past
N no arguments....
No problemo! ! ! !
very 'SORRY', dost

I've my ways,
My own path....
Ain't gonna share with you,
No matter what...!

Never will I, Let u even walk beside me...
Believe me.
I will make you jump! ! !
From the PETRONAS Twin Towers...
to see you, die n bleed...., nasty, baby! ! !

No space for a fake
coz I'M friend! !
This is what I've been,
trying to say,
now....n back then! ! !

Get real....Be real....n Stay real! ! ! !
For REAL friends...! ! ! !

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