I'M Sorry Poem by Amy Archer

I'M Sorry

Rating: 4.8

I'm sorry for taking you forgranted
I'm sorry for not loving you enough
I'm sorry for not being there for you

I'm sorry I cheated
I'm sorry you weren't enough
I'm sorry that I miss you

I'm sorry I miss your touch
I'm sorry I miss you smile
I'm sorry I miss you silly laugh

I'm sorry I couldn't make it work
I'm sorry I didn't even try
I'm sorry I throw our plans away

I'm sorry I wasn't a good wife
I'm sorry I wasn't a good friend
I'm sorry I'm me

I'm sorry I want you back
Because I know I can't expect you to forgive me
But do know this
I love you and I'm sorry

Jessee Bennett 20 March 2013

great poem. Dont beat your self up to much. We all make por dessions and mistakes. It happens to the best of the human race.

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Chelsi Ruffing 07 August 2006

I think your poem is very good....I am only 15 and heres something I have learnd and that is all people make mistakes thats how we learn........

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 03 August 2006

We all make mistakes, that was a really good poem. Marissa

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Amy Archer

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