I'Need A Kiss Poem by Dwi utami

I'Need A Kiss

Rating: 2.8

Sunday is a holiday then we are going to that place.
That silent place full of silence, we are there standing,
we saw the so many coloured greenish leaves big trees.
so many birds, and butterflies decorating the blue sky
Then a butterfly dancing in the sky.
Together we Keep a released longing.
sitting near in the shallow river.
We see fishes in the depth so calm
We look up at the rainbow in the sky.
So many days you have never kiss me.
I'need a kiss, here in the silent place near in the river.
Trees, butterflies, fishes, please we are given a chance.to make a perfect kisses.
Here in the silent place.
My lips are longing after so many days you have never kiss me.
See my eyes, do you know my yearning?
Oh love***kiss me softly now*
everything will be quiet.
Just you and me enjoyed***kiss***
then my heart full of desire, you will know everything.
Your kiss fly with me.
Your kiss will stun me.
Your kiss will softly me soft.
Your kiss is sweet hearted.
Your kiss is a pray.
Your kiss is wanted
your kiss so bright
your kiss is everything.

Subhajit Biswas 18 July 2010

Nice1. Great. You a good poet. And i can see your poem geting high.. Very good. Tanks.

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Ken E Hall 16 July 2010

Everyone should have a kiss...its the family bond even our poodle gets one, Your poem is quaint but needs a little editing for the grammer...keep at it kind regards That silent place of silence...great line

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Subhajit Biswas 16 July 2010

Nice, poem, great poet you. That proved ur this poem, realy a great poet. And tanks, hop you more progresh in life, and people understand your values, ... Tanks.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 16 July 2010

Ambience Silence Smooching the catalyst to bring closer and delet closure of spilling emotion from spoiling…lolol …nice poetry … congrats … Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Dwi utami

Dwi utami

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