I Only Wish To Be Alone With Nature Poem by Francis Duggan

I Only Wish To Be Alone With Nature

Forgive me if to you I seem indifferent and your ways I will never imitate
For I only wish to live in peace with others and I do not have the will in me to hate
You say this is a good race and this a bad race with such thinking I never could agree
I never was into comparing races there's good and bad in all of humanity.

I only wish to be alone with Nature to see the moon creep through the starry sky
And hear the lapwings in the paddocks calling I know some creatures by their song or cry
From Nature I still have so much to learn and my wonderment at her beauty only grow
And when you start talking of comparing people forgive me if I do not wish to know.

I only wish to be alone with Nature in park within hearing distance of the sea
Where I can hear the mighty surf waves rumble and hear the blackbird pipe on sunlit tree
Just listening to you talk makes it so obvious why in the World we do not have harmony
I do agree with those who firmly believe that we create our own reality.

I only wish to be alone with Nature on grassy bank by the ever babbling rill
That rushes down to join the sea going river from the high ground at the foot of the hill
And listening to the skylark carolling whilst ascending whilst lamp of dawn is brightening up the sky
Moments such as these I cherish and remember and memories such as these are with us till we die.

I only wish to be alone with Nature for every day from Nature I learn something new
And though force of Nature too can cause destruction Nature to her own self is always true
And when I recall you measuring the worth of people I think of war and how it relates to you
And than talking to you time to me more precious I feel that I have better things to do.

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