I Rhyme For Passion Poem by David Wilson

I Rhyme For Passion

Livin this life so long day by day
just waitin here to here you say
the wordz thatll free my soul
the wordz thatll make me whole
go ahead and talk that trash
but dont be surpised man when i start ta lash
im not one to play, neva fought but ill leav a 12' gash
posers out in the world, reppin fa the wrong things
there minds are twisted, twirled, they fight for the wrong things
'fine' girls and 'fresh' clothes, green paper and 2 timin hoes
out there flashin there s**t, life aint fair they can do that s**t
its all about chains and diamond rings
fu**ers all excited about material things
i love my life, love my family
love all my friends, and all the peeps that be seein me
love the things i get from hard work
love the things i earn through labor not sellin perk
i aint from the hood, but its all good
i understand the hardship, money is money, just dont trip
keep ya eyes ahead, before ya end up dead
keep ya mind right here, listen to whats beein said
dont ignore the door that opens to the stage floor
that leads to oppurtunity, be like snowman jeezy
look at the clouds, see oppurtunity
rise up from the ground, thats what i did
worked from the bottom of the linez, thats what i did
nobody had respect, no body showed support, but thats what you learn to expect
but now im free from society and my mind is truly free
no more chainz to hold me down
no more thugs to laugh and clown
plenty more friends to hold me up
and a brand new pitcher to fill my cup
but im not greedy, give to the needy
i share my water, whether its cold or hotter, i share my water
so if ya hate me or love me, forget the fashion
just remembah Mainstream, remembah he rhymes fa passion

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