I Try And Do Not Cry Poem by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

I Try And Do Not Cry

Great losses in my life fast accumulate
To devastate my lie tries this ill-fate
Gate of success is closed to humiliate
I state my agonies with none to annihilate

Torture is born out of every venture
To capture my peace comes rupture
Puncture my soul worries giving lecture
Departure I feel is the very best stricture

Defeat is canceling every possible great feat
Repeat my failures and do not at all retreat
Greet me confusions to mainly cheat and beat
Complete doom unseats me trying to delete

Waver my emotions with severe fever
Offer me not Angels any tangible favor
Flavor of gloom makes life not safer
Weaver of my life is rougher and tougher

Again and again comes severe pain
Gain is never had in any bargain
Chain of upsets brings sorrow-rain
Disdain comes with a chill in the spine

Kicks from fate with cunning tricks
Bricks are thrown and time never licks
Gimmicks of demons come with sticks
Picks me up not peace, but agony pricks

Will is beaten to nil
Pill is used for being ill
To kill time comes with skill
Drill of daily life gives no thrill

Hits give fate canceling benefits
Sits in heart gloom erasing wits
Profits not mind as peace goes to bits
Visits to Temple may arrest all culprits

To hide sadness heart may decide
To provide sorrows, God leaves my side
To guide me, God has firmly denied
To divide my peace, fate has nicely tried

Cry not I but only still try
Why should I bring tears to eye?
High hopes I have to touch the Sky
Fly I will and not lazily on Earth lie!

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