I Want To Thank You Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

I Want To Thank You

Rating: 5.0

For those whom cast stones on me
For all whom shine light on me
I want to Thank you
It's not a second that goes by
that I know I didn't try
The hurt, sorrow, pain, happiness, joy, shame
I laugh out loud
It's not because I want to hurt one's feeling
it's because I am proud
of not what I did
it all could've went sour
It's the love and care of others that I stood strong
Hate and slanderness of those I didn't stand alone
Me visionalizing my ways of thinking
I'm learning from my mistakes and others
that two wrongs don't make it right
but to relay in the lord words
to keep it persistance and tight
to save one's life to scarifice
in the betterment of Christ
For all 'I want to Thank you'
for letting me see the light (The truth and good of me)

Elvira Marchan 07 April 2009

You have a happy heart! ! ! ! ! a unique feeling of a man who thanks those who are good and bad to him...And that is YOU...you have shown to the world that you love your enemies....whish is the most difficult teaching of Jesus to follow.....and once followed....stress in our body is stricken out....

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Theresa Quinn 07 April 2009

Thought provoking and inspiring. Sometimes, something as simple as a thankful heart can mean the difference in everything! !

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Jack Price 03 April 2009

Inspirational! teaches us to turn the cheek. I like your style and see similiarities with you about being an encouragement to others. Keep up the good work. J.L.

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Catrina Heart 18 March 2009

Great positive outlook in life.......Thanking all the things we received either good or bad making us stronger and what we are today............10

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