I Wasn'T Talking To You! Poem by Greg Oosterhouse

I Wasn'T Talking To You!

Rating: 4.0

There you are, amongst others, when you hear your name called.
You respond, and the one who said your name rudely says:
'I wasn't talking to you! ' Isn't that frustrating? The corners of your mouth fall
As you think 'Well, excuse me! ' It just so happens that on this day
Someone that shares your name is in the area. There is someone else whose
Name is called on multiple occasions every day. When one has been shocked, or
Disgusted, this name is called out, with no intention of talking to the one who
Comes to attention at the shout. We must not do this, for
No one will be held guiltless that does this. If I were you,
One who says 'Oh, my God' without care, I'd get down
On my knees, and repent of such a grievous sin.
For while you are under its' spell, you are under God's frown.
So, quit saying His name unless you are using it in
Loving tones, telling others about Him, or praising Him.
Just imagine how you'd feel if people used your name as a curse,
Wouldn't that make you angry? It would make your once bright light grow dim.
So just think of that. Next time you are shocked, instead of using ill verse,
Just say 'Yikes! ' or something similar. Why drag God's holy name
Down in the dirt? His name ought to be used with reverence and praise,
Not curses and damnation. Every day He remains the same,
So say 'Oh, my God' when talking to Him, it will bring blessings to your days!

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