'Your Presence Is Gift Enough' Poem by Greg Oosterhouse

'Your Presence Is Gift Enough'

The time has come when my birthday is near,
And I look forward to greetings from ones I hold dear.
Will their cards make me laugh, or shed a tear?
It is because of that, that I look forward to every year.

You wonder what you can give me,
What will make me joyous and happy.
To the stores you go in search of a gift
That will give my heart and soul a lift.

I tell you this, I tell you true:
There is no better gift than knowing you.
The Lord smiled on me the day we met.
Truly, you are my very best friend yet!

You bring me warm thoughts and smiles.
My life's journey is blessed as I walk each mile.
Your voice is music to my ears.
Yes, your friendship adds life to my years.

No book to read or to write in, nor any Bach CD
Can match the gift that you are to me.
Store bought items and any other stuff,
Will not do, as your presence is gift enough.

Lord, there is none beside, nor before You.
Domine Deus, tu solus sanctus. Amen.

© Greg A. Oosterhouse,2-13-2007

Greg Oosterhouse

Greg Oosterhouse

Grand Rapids, MI
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