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I've been given a gift,
It is a gift so grand.
It is a gift so great,
It will not fit in my hand.

Even though you're not here, you're here.
You are the smile on my face.
Even though you're far away, you are oh, so near.
I'm surrounded by reflections of your grace.

The time has come when my birthday is near,
And I look forward to greetings from ones I hold dear.
Will their cards make me laugh, or shed a tear?
It is because of that, that I look forward to every year.

Almighty is He,
Beloved He be.
Contagious is His love.
Domine, Lord up above.

All I can say is 'Love! '
All I can feel is love!
All I can do
Is give thanks to You

There once was a man who lived an upright life.
He loved His fellow man, He was slow to anger.
He put Himself last, and never was one to cause strife.
His life was lived humbly, He even was born in a manger.

Christmas time is near,
A time to celebrate Jesus' birth.
A time that most hold dear,
A gift for all people of this earth.

Here you are, another year older.
Another year past of pushing the boulder.
You have grown a little wiser,
And trouble spewed out like a geyser.

As we face this goliath,
On this dark, clouded day,
As he does impose his will,
This is what we shall say:

I saw light
In a place as dark as night.
I saw light.

As people go about their daily lives,
Going from here to there,
They work their '9 to 5's',
Giving themselves a lot to bear.

When I feel that life is against me,
I feel that my load is too heavy to bear,
I look to the cross of Jesus, my Lord is He,
He gives me nothing but love and tender care.

Thank you, Lord, for sending my mom and dad, to adopt my brother, then me, it was so rad.
Thank you, Lord, for sending me to such a loving family. I am surrounded by so much love, it means so much to me.
Thank you, Lord, for providing a good living. All of my family's needs were met, there was no need for misgiving.
Thank you, Lord, for every passing day. Both good and bad are appropriate occasions to praise you, I'd say.

He is friend of the friendless
Yes He is! Yes He is!
He is friend of the friendless
Healing hearts is His biz.

There is a pair of eyes
That see through my rough exterior.
Eyes that see the true me,
Eyes that make my self testimony inferior.

The Lord will grant you grace
And shine upon your face
If you will let Him in
And rid yourself of sin.

I'll take the attitude of wait and see
To find out about finding that special someone.
One that is truly meant for only me,
Or else find myself remaining blissfully alone.


When others inhibit my speech, I rise.
When verbal words are out of reach, I rise.
When the world brings me down, I rise.
When all I can do is wear a frown, I rise.

Take it up
The pen that does write
Your heart's words.

I bask in the love of Jesus,
In it I find my rest.
With it all trouble ceases,
Through it I know I'm blessed.

Greg Oosterhouse Biography

I started writing after a wedding reception inspired me greatly. I started writing poetry in February of 2004, just before my 28th birthday. Poetry has become my voice, I tell it like it is when I write. I proclaim myself to be a soapbox preacher because of that. I write of the Lord, and of love. Those are my two main subjects.)

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A Love All Inclusive

I've been given a gift,
It is a gift so grand.
It is a gift so great,
It will not fit in my hand.
It's meant to be shared
For as long as I live.
It is from the Lord,
It's a love all inclusive.

It has a special name,
It is LTTL.
It's for him and her
And for you as well.
Hate has no chance,
It just cannot live
With this powerful force,
This love all inclusive.

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Greg Oosterhouse Popularity

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