Francis Duggan

I Went In Search Of Rednecks

I went in search of rednecks I heard that they were rare
But I found them to be plentiful I saw them everywhere
I saw them digging dykes and drains in mud up to their knees
And I saw them in the Parliament People of high degrees.

I saw them in the factories on the production line
And I saw them work in offices they start on stroke of nine
Some of them seen as successful and others lowly paid
To be classed as a redneck there is no special grade.

The wisest man I ever met dug his garden with a spade
I asked him what makes a redneck he said they are born not made
He said we elect them to high office and give them power and say
But you cannot make a redneck for they are born that way.

When I asked him how would you recognize a redneck he smiled and shook his head
You don't have to be an Einstein to answer that he said
All rednecks are exploiters and they love money and power
And in this world they see no beauty to them a flower's a flower.

You will find them in all classes and he went on to explain
Rednecks do not help out others only seek out their own gain
Look at the poor painter Vincent Van Gogh it's been said he died insane
But from his works and efforts others great wealth did attain.

You can even tell the rednecks by the very words they say
On their paths to wealth and progress 'greenies' standing in the way
We will build another factory we will cut the tall trees down
And bulldoze the ancient woodland for to build another town.

I went in search of rednecks and I see them everywhere
And the greatest redneck of them all sat on the P.M's chair
And the wisest man I ever met dug his garden with a spade
And he said rednecks are born that way as such types cannot be made.

Poem Submitted: Monday, January 14, 2008

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