I Will Poem by timothy nyabwengi

I Will

Well, life is getting harder than I thought’

No money, no food, no water, no work to do

Must I cry to have the basics of life?

I don’t know what to say any more

With the way things are going,

I may give up sooner than I thought

But something stirs inside of me,

Like a growing tornado, it keeps rising

Soon I may let it out or it is going to explode within me

What if my mind won’t be able to hold the debris?

What if my body gets torn apart with it?

Will anyone ever know?

What about the struggle within me?

Shall it just die like any other housefly,

Known not to anyone except to itself?

And I be reduced to the level of those who failed life,

Have my name forgotten like the dead street dogs,

Having not a thing to call mine,

Not a shanty made of tins and held together by sticks

Not even one of those made of nylon papers?

Poor me,

Shall I have a place even in hell to call mine?

Does even my spirit belong to me anymore?

For this life I got is just borrowed for a while

And when God wills, it shall be taken from me

My body will be reduced to earth

My name will fade with other memories of me

Among man I will be like a dead mosquito

Having done more harm alive than dead

But I can’t complain no more

I hope to be here till the end of it all

For that’s all I have to call mine

A mind unrestricted,

Hope and faith likened to nothing ever

It’s all I got for nothing else matters if I believe in me

That is all I know if I got to live again

For me to have a tomorrow to look forward to

If I have to have life left in me

Then I shall rise above all insecurity and inability

For I got what no one else can take from me


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