I Will Remember You Poem by Randy McClave

I Will Remember You

I will always remember you
And that be all factual and true,
Until the day that I die
And that's no fabrication or lie.
I still will remember all of those many deeds
That I help accomplish for you with your needs,
And how I always tried to help you answer your prayer
The many times that I was there.
I always happily gave you my hand
Either to pick you up from the mud or from the sand,
And if you ever needed anyone to listen
I did happily, while I would glisten.
Now I hear from you no more
Even though occasionally I still knock at your door,
I guess there is nothing else that you want
No more can you taunt.
When I made my calls to you, you never do answer
Maybe you're too busy drawing or being a dancer,
I truly thought that you were my friend
How quickly my respect for you did descend.
I have helped you all that I could
Maybe more than what I really should,
Many times family members and friends had a fit
They said that you weren't worth it.
I'm not going to listen to your stories or your excuses
Lies and pity is all that they produces,
Remember, all lies and and pity's and those type of stories
All are created in evil laboratories.
No more I promise will you ever get my calls or my texts
I'll just treat you like a cheating and a lying ex,
Now, if you ever need a gift or a present bought
Make sure, that I'm not the one ever sought.
Now if you ever again happen to see my face
How about it from your memory, please erase,
And if you are ever sad or alone and need or want to talk to me
How about, just let me be.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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