Clyde Bryson

Rookie - 266 Points (December 19,1951 / Burley Idaho)

I Wondered What Was Next - Poem by Clyde Bryson

So I wondered what was next
As I said good night
I wondered what was next
As I said good night

With head bowed and soul I prayed
These words I said
Please, send the Angels
To guard this, little sleepy head

And as I watched, I sung
Go to sleep, go to sleep
Close those little bright blue eyes
Night-time is coming
The sun is on the far side

Angels are watching
Our vigil to keep
While the Sandman is filling your eyes
It's time for you sleep

Hush-a-bye-sweet< br>Play time is over for your
Tiny little feet

Close your eyes, baby
Close your eyes, honey
Sleey-time's here
Good night little darling
Good night little dear

As I sung this song
I wondered what would be next
What God has done to my soul?
Because of this child, I confess

I held my daughter's child
while she fell to sleep
And it was there that I started to think
About the stories of my life, the constant agony
There had just been so dang many
The unending strife's
And just like that the tears again,
Came my way
I fought against torrential rains

As I held this child
That has caused love in my life
I fought against my memories of strife

As I struggled trying end my cares
I attemped again to find peace
But where?
A thought passed through my mind
It came almost like a nursery rhyme.

Oh hush-a-bye child
Hush-a-bye child
Look what you've become
The man that loves,
My little ones

And as I sat wondering
Where those words had Just came from?

I heard again

So hush-a-bye child
Hush-a-bye child
Look what you've become
The man that loves everyone
The man that sin can no longer
over run

So I spoke my question
With voice aloud
How can this be?

Hush-a-bye child
Hush-a-bye child
I can see
Hush-a-bye child
Leave the pains of the past
For me

For I have opened the windows
Of Heaven for thee
And poured out this blessing
With-out room enough to recieve

So (hush-a-bye child)
(Hush-a-bye child)
It's time for you to sleep
For even now I Am,
I Am
Baby tending with thee

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