I Write The Songs, I Write The Songs Poem by Mary Jesusa Villegas

I Write The Songs, I Write The Songs

If I have one wish to be granted
I will not attend school
I will not do my assignments
I will not read boring modules
Then I will not fail all my quizzes
I will only write songs

If time is like a watch
that can be turn on and off
I'll break it into pieces
Nothing will dictated me where to go
or what to do
or what time should I wake up

I will just be free to sit
Grab a paper and pen
I will only write songs
Will only write songs

If I only have the power
to turn the world upside down
Poets and artists will rule our town
And I will be the queen and the ruler
But to everyone I'll share my crown

But most of all
I'll draw, I'll paint
I'll direct my paintbrush anywhere
Until the paint container's empty
And the color slowly faints
just there

But then, there's only one
and final thing I want to do
That is
to write songs
for me and you
When everything's already done
If school gives way to vacation
If time goes liberated
If rulers just want to goof around
I'll grab my pillow, paper and pen
I will write the songs
the heart felt songs
happy songs
the sad songs
the songs of victory
or cowboy songs
and lyrical poetry
I write the songs, I write the songs
Whenever I can

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