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Pink handkerchief
'Pink' username
Pink bag
Pink eyeglasses


a gentle reminder of humble beginnings,
for my glamorous Ate Guada

I just want to write
write and write
I can survive with only Nature
But let me just write

Listening to the coming sounds
of the melody of
the words
the pigment that enhances

As I make this poem, tears run uncontrollably in my eyes.
For my cousin, who died of leukemia at a very young age of 14.

I have lost some important thing
in every walk
in my life.
I have lost

Many new songs

But no inspiration

If I have one wish to be granted
I will not attend school
I will not do my assignments
I will not read boring modules

for Russel

Wait for me. Not, wait, for me.
Wait for my stance about love
I thought that I was gonna be courageous
Enough to enter relationships
Like that.

I don't want to "fall in love" anymore

I always get disappointed

Whose face I know

Who does she love I do not know.

Always the guilt,

always the guilt.

David Archuleta is my prince

Vanessa Carlton is my bestfriend

Wish the stains and dust

would remain there

I have sailed the oceans

I have walked a thousand miles

When I write my novel

I would only write reality

Before, she had a curly hair
She's kind so she won't give you
mean stares
She wants to have a best friend

Poems make Loud Noises

Although it may seem to

There's a world inside of me

That everybody doesn't see.

And this world is full of goodness

Contrast to where you might be.

I found Love in the little house of silence
But too much silence can become noisy
So I carry love with the little house inside my heart
While I walk in the world of the restless and the noisy.

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Pink handkerchief
'Pink' username
Pink bag
Pink eyeglasses
Pink earrings
A girl in all-pink walking
A girl in all-pink talking
A girl in all-pink eating
A girl in all-pink hurting
A girl in all-pink crying
But a girl in all-pink, dazzling
A boy in a pink t-shirt, bedazzled
by a girl in all-pink
A girl with a Pink Soul.

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