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Ice Queen - Poem by Philo Yan

The Ice Queen in her icy world,

With icy fingers tightly curled,

Around sweet fairy in her gilded cage,

No escape the Ice Queen's rage.

The beginning of a fairy tale no lest,

A fable, a fantasy at best,

A love story to be told,

If I may be so bold.

Now as the story goes,

The Ice Queen has a son.

Whatever the Ice Queen does,

The Ice Prince, the obedient one.

Unbeknownst to the regal Prince,

Lurking in the shadows, unseen, his evil twin.

His jealous heart froze long since,

Witnessing his mother's love, His other twin.

One early morn, the good young Prince,

Riding in the winter wood.

He caught a flicker that convince,

A creature trapped in the ice for good.

The handsome Prince in cautious approach,

Threads gently, the soft new snow.

His icy blues finally encroach,

On a flickering light, a glow.

All this while the evil twin,

Watches like a hawk from afar.

Hiding among the trees, lurking in between.

The plot thickens, a-ha!

As gently as he could,

Like a feather and he should,

Cracks the icy prison, with his sword

To free the glowing creature, his ward.

Pushing away the ice to clear,

It was no creature, he looks near.

A pair of silvery wings,

A little flutter, and then it sings!

What joyful sound, like tinkling bells,

A beautiful harmony, A beguiling sound.

The Prince enchanted, his twin could tell,

The woods echoes the hypnotic sound.

He now could clearly see,

The wings that glow, A singing Fairy.

Emerald green, beautiful eyes,

The Prince, so enamored, sighs.

The kind Prince starts to blow,

His breath caressing the glow.

Gingerly, more like a whisper,

He bends down, tenderly kiss her.

The little Fairy, eternally grateful,

And more than very thankful.

She sings a beautiful tune.

Prince Charming was not immune.

The smitten Prince so enthralled,

The charming fairy danced around,

His evil twin hackles raised and riled,

To see his brother's blue eyes drown.

The evil twin rode hard and fast,

Reaching the castle at last,

Striding in to tell the Queen,

What he has just witnessed and seen.

The fairies of the Seven Falls,

Were decades long at war,

Both Ice Queen Fairies, have not thaw

Building barriers, building walls.

The news did anger rise,

The Queen makes haste to ride,

To find her other son, so unwise

Because of her burning pride.

Moments later in the woods,

The angry Queen on icy trails did swoop,

Her cold hands quickly scoop,

The innocent fairy, tied in a loop.

Her son pleaded to let her go,

The enraged Queen loudly said, 'No! '

'But why? ' asked the befuddled Prince,

The fairy did no wrong, he was convince.

His mother Queen without a word,

Knew her son's mind was stirred.

Imprisoned the fairy in a gilded cage.

She seethes with hate and rage.

The bewildered Prince could not understand,

His mother' anger and rigid stance,

To treat his dainty fairy so,

His feelings were very low.

Back to the castle they rode,

The Queen intends to probe,

The poor defenseless fairy,

What horrors will she carry?

It's merely a fantasy in poetry,

Now and forever after.

The ending will always be

'And they lived happily ever after.'

Copyright Philo Yan August 11,2012

Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I have drawn an 'Ice Queen' holding a gilded cage with a fairy in it which will be auctioned for a charity drive. This poem was to accompany the pencil drawing. The auction has just ended on 31.8.2012. This is the complete version.

You may view this drawing at:

https: //

Thanks for looking and Have An AweSome Day!

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