playdough person

If - Poem by playdough person

If not here
than where
my question is do you even care
ofcorse you don't
you wish to push me further into dispare
so now....where

if not now
you say i've commited every unthinkable sin
so where do i begin

if not me than who
i wish you would stop calling me a shrew
and start telling me the truth
if you didn't have me
who would replace me
what am i saying its nothing but make believe
its always me

if not this
than what
do you even have the guts
to stand up and call me a slut
yes you do
for thats the level you wish to stoop

if i say no
where will YOU go
you think your heart is pure as snow
but i say no
now let me watch you go

if not then than when
being pushed into another burning bin
do i do this again
or do i say when

if not what
than what if
what if this is it
how much hate can one get
so this it

if not found
than lost
following what is said to be the boss
so again.......i'm lost

if not free
than inprissoned
you said my life had no vission
so you kept me there......imprissoed

if not a lie
than a memory
you said you would always believe me
instead you say there is no truth in what i speak
so worthless memories

if not then then
than now
you ask yoursef how
yet you had it all figred out
and's now

if not hello
than goodbye
you forced me to lie
but commanded me not to cry
all those years of lies
and now it's finally say goodbye

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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