playdough person

Inside Look - Poem by playdough person

wanting to speak out
but remember what survival is all about
suck it up
coverit up
don't let it show
be presistant they'll let it go
time goes by
i acumulate more lies
deeper and deeper i fall
why should they care at all
remember what your taught
confuse them, make them distraught
slap yourself, you let them in
thats the biggest sin
you better run
if they find out, you know whats to come
hide yourself better
your pathetic, don't write it on a letter
hold onto the pain
you know your the one to blame
don't get back up
they knocked you down so you'd stay stuck
don't let them see it hurt
you know it just makes it worse
just run away in your mind
maybe peace you can find
its not over
just keep quite till your a little older
hide deeper within yourself
although it just creates a personal jail
don't trust anyone
if you do, your life is done
don't you dare show emotion
thats a given
don't run away
they'll find you some day
and rub it in your face
your never going to make it
unless you like them, just face it
your not getting out
your life has already been mapped out
you stand in there shadow
your thinking is different though
thats a dangerous position
quick make your desision
don't tell them whatever you do
that would be the death of you
in their minds it nothing but punishment
in your mind you ask why do you deserve it
you start to think carefully so they wont know
you've got to fet out, you've got to go
overwelming fear grips you
but you know you have to push through
you talk to more people
you have to push through
you talk to yourself, tiime to break free
it's ok to make mistakes
just keep going turn the page
in this life people can be crule
but wil you retun the favor, acting like a fool
there are choces to be made
and new ones will arise everyday
remember you have rights
that this is YOUR life
you can say what you want to say
you don't have a script, it's not a play
look at everything you've been taught
worthless lessons you wish could be lost
you know that you will never forget
all those years, all those punishments
you know you can't live where you were
never forget the things you learned
your going to need them someday
hopefully very far away
don't always run from love
embrace it, give a hug
your well on your way
getting closer everyday
there are others just like you
who may just be ready too
pick them up
let them know whats what
look at whats behind you
more than just a time or two
these are the moments the memories
that have

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 8, 2010

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